Our Staff at First Christian Academy are here to love, serve, teach and train your children in a healthy, positive, Christ centered environment.  Take a few minutes to meet our staff.    

Principal: Gretchen Pike

Financial Clerk: NOW HIRING

Secretary Buffy Shanholtzer  

Pre School Staff
Ones – Ms. Gina and Mrs. Haley Two’s – Mrs. Heather and Mrs. Megan Two’s – Mrs. Miranda and Mrs. Tiyana Three’s- Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Tracy Three’s  – Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Tristine Three’s – Mrs. Sara and Mrs. Michelle Four’s – Mrs. Andie and Mrs. Cherryl Four’s  – Mrs. Kayla and Mrs. Jin Four’s  Mrs.  and Mrs. HJ 
Elementary School Staff
Kindergarten – Mrs. McDonald 1st Grade – Mrs. Parker 2nd Grade – Mr. Hanks 3rd Grade – Mrs. Mehl 4th Grade – Mr. Smith 5th Grade –